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Exit from Brexit

posted 2 Aug 2017, 05:40 by Robert Johnston
Almost one year after my previous post and if anything the situation is less clear than before:
  • Government asked for a mandate for its approach (I won't say plan for) to Brexit and did not get one.
  • This changed nothing in the governments stance 
  • It did undermine public confidence in the government and that has not recovered
  • The Labour Party enticed voters with vagueness and giveaways and increased its representation without coming near to a majority
  • The Labour party leader has since taken a hard Brexit stance although his party and supporters remain for Remain by a large majority 
  • If the government is not clueless on Brexit negotiation then it is playing that  role with aplomb - like a group version of Boris Johnson.
There is however no recognised leadership for the substantial proportion (majority by recent estimates) of the UK who want to stay in the EU. The Liberal Democrat Party has the policies and Vince Cable seems to have a greater media profile than Tim Farron but the party still has only a small number of MPs.

The situation is too urgent to form a new party in time but a less formal grouping including the Remain Conservatives and Labour MPs, with LibDems, Greens and SNP would make sense and be possible.

This will not come about spontaneously.  Leadership is required and to get the issues addressed urgently it needs to come from the current set of House of Commons MPs. In addition, the figure head needs to be from either of the two major parties. 

So although I am a LibDem member, I ask these members of the Labour and Conservative party in the Commons to stand up and provide leadership to reverse Brexit:
  • Ken Clarke 
  • Anna Soubry
  • Philip Hammond (assuming he leaves cabinet)
  • Chuka Umunna
  • Keir Starmer
Please work with the LibDems, Greens and SNP to save the UK and exit from Brexit.