Friday 29 June 2018

A constitution for a confederate Europe - beyond the nation state

The traditional nation state is not enough to ensure prosperity, security and freedom in a world of multi-national  interests. The solution is not to grow larger nation states but to move beyond them to associations or confederations where there is a consensus on core values.

Getting this right poses considerable constitutional challenges. The European Union has developed into an unintentional experiment in this process. There is, however lack of clarity on the principles and values guiding the process. The Prometheus Institut  has proposed a Manifest for a confederate Europe.  In this document it argues for  a confederation of constitutionally liberal states.

The core principles of a future EU constitution should be the common market for goods and services and free trade with the rest of the world. The confederate Europe will require a liberal monetary policy that does not divide Europe into different classes within a rigid framework of a common currency. Additionally, states that will not, in the foreseeable future, join the EMU must have a place in the European within a flexible community.

Within Manifest for a confederate Europe there are points to debate but it is strongly focused on EMU concerns and not all the items will find a consensus but it frames the debate on the future of the EU as it should be. That is as how to a achieve the extension of constitutional liberalism beyond the nation state.  

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